Une petite autobiographie

Polly Macomber headshotYou may have come straight to this section, bypassing fun wordplay and pictures of pretty things, in order to find out: does she know what she’s doing, or not? Get me to the brass tacks, already!

Well, bottom-line people such as yourself sometimes do get instant gratification, so congratulations! You’re a winner!

Here’s what you need to know:

I’ve been doing various forms of graphic design for 25 years. I’ve got a BFA in Graphic Design from SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) with a minor in Advertising. I’ve worked in commercial printing, publishing, advertising, and boutique design studios, doing everything from paste-up and camera-work, to copywriting, to Creative Direction. I’ve served the big guys, like Microsoft, Starbucks, the Seattle Seahawks, RealNetworks, and Philips, have helped start-up businesses build their brands, and have worked some really fine trade with massage practitioners, acupuncturists, and web coding mavens.

My primary goal is to facilitate clear communication. My passion is building great brand experiences. Blending the two means telling an engaging brand story, whether it be through e-commerce, direct marketing, product development, or UI/UX touch points. By deepening consumer loyalty with every point of contact, connection is made and growth is inevitable. With growth comes revenue, and with revenue possibilities are limitless.

I love this building cycle because there’s always a new challenge, a new technology to master, a new product, a new mission. I think we’re here to keep learning, one day at a time.

Please peruse the site to see what I can do and how I tick. If we match, I’d love to hear from you. Cawl me. We’ll tawk.

Polly Macomber is one of those rare people who can both do and teach. Her design skills are sharp and impressive; clever both graphically and conceptually. She has an eye for detail without sacrificing creativity and all this while being powerfully efficient.

As a director, she’s smart, supportive and especially adept at finding the specific guidance a struggling designer needs to get to that next step. She has an easy way with language and her ability to express herself well has led to increasing numbers of mentorship roles. I can’t recommend Polly highly enough.

Sarah Shapiro

Owner / Principal, Sarah Shapiro Design

Polly is a rare breed. Capable of delivering great creative designs at the same time listening and delivering exactly what the clients need speedily (and within budget) for deadlines . We use her wonderful talents wherever we can.

Marc Rapaport

Managing Principal, Blue Sky Projects

Polly has a rare insight into the mind of the target audience, as well as the client, to create compelling, purposeful campaigns. As a marketing professional, I greatly valued Polly’s ability to integrate message with visual design to create integrated package that fit each medium – online, print and multimedia. She has the courage to try a fresh approach that makes brands distinctive. Polly also has the technical and leadership skills to implement a complex endeavor with a large team.

Andrea Bowers

Marketing Strategist, Michael G. Foster School of Business at University of Washington